Living in COS for my seventh year, I am amazed by its beauty, grace, and its simultaneous poor city planning and wild-west dumpiness. A continuation of the 36 Shots of Pikes Peak, #37 – 39 reflect a lighter side of the mundane. The images are hand-painted replicas of Google Street View screen captures. Like the floating plastic bag in American Beauty, COS has a tragic-comic gift for framing the banal and tasteless in such a way that it can be transcendent.

I don't know how these happened-- I think the idea happened over dinner, talking with my husband. Like a lot of my jokes they're tongue-in-cheek and deadly serious.  These are a shout-out to my adjunct friends and to the part of me that misses teaching-- and is both a little jealous and also very grateful that I escaped the fate of the hobo academic. To be continued…



The shot glass is the short-form poetry of the pottery world.
It can be a buzz word beaten into meaninglessness, a dog whistle, a one liner.

Or it can contain more than it appears to. It can be cheap and fast or a slow, smooth, and complicated burn.

The pieces below are all hand-thrown, hand-lettered, glazed and mid-fired.