Curriculum Vitae


M.F.A.     2008     Ceramics/ 3-D Studio Art                                  Arizona State University
B.F.A.     2005     3-D Studio Art/ Ceramics, Biology minor            University of Louisville


Selected Exhibitions

2019 Chronicled in Clay: Ceramics and the Art of the Story. Minnesota Center for Book Arts, Minneapolis, MN

2017     Amuse Yeux. Foothills Art Center, Golden, Colorado

2016    *(solo) Cheap Shots and Ugly Mugs. The Proof Gallery. Colorado Springs, CO

             State of the Union. The Cole Galleries at Stephen F. Austin University, Nacogdoches, TX

             Drawing Never Dies. Redline Gallery, Denver, CO. Jurors: Daisy McGowan and Donald Fodness

             Mountain Standard Clay. Foothills Art Center, Golden, Colorado. Juror: Peter Held

2014     36 Views of Pikes Peak. UCCS Gallery of Contemporary Art, Colorado Springs, CO

2013     3: Work By Lisa Kerns, Aaron Cohick and Corie Cole. Zip 37 Gallery, Denver, CO.

             Ceramica. UCCS Gallery of Contemporary Art, Gallery 121, Colorado Springs, CO

2011      FRESH FIGURINES: A New Look At An Historic Art Form. Fuller Craft Museum, Brockton, MA

2009     No Limit.  Night Gallery.  NCECA. Tempe,  AZ

              Small Favors IV (Invitational),  The Clay Studio, Philadelphia    

2008    *(solo) Other Small Matters of Import, MFA Thesis Exhibition, Harry Wood Gallery, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ

             Rumination Station, public performance with Chloe Boleyn Palmer on April 20th, 2008, Mill Ave, Tempe, AZ

             Small Favors III (Invitational), The Clay Studio, Philadelphia, PA

2007     RED. Baltimore Clayworks, Baltimore MD.  Juried by Richard Notkin.

              Marge Brown Kalodner Graduate Student Exhibition, The Clay Studio, Philadelphia, PA.  Jurors: Bill Daley, Jeff Guido, Marge Brown Kalodner.

              The Amarillo Biennial 600: CLAY,  The Amarillo Museum of Art, Amarillo, TX.  Juror: Marilyn Zeitlin.  Best In Show. Catalog.

2007    HOT $H*T , Arizona State University Ceramics (Invitational), California Conference on the Advancement of Ceramic Art, Davis, CA

             Small Favors II (Invitational), The Clay Studio, Philadelphia, PA

             Live Free or Die, Rhonda Schaller Gallery, Chelsea, New York, NY. Jurors: Rhonda Schaller and Dave Jaquish. Catalog.

             Re-Wedged, 30 Years of Ceramics at University of Louisville, NCECA, Louisville, KY

2006    Marge Brown Kalodner Graduate Student Exhibition, The Clay Studio, Philadelphia, PA.  Jurors: Stanley Shapiro, Jeff Guido, Marge Brown Kalodner

             ASU Graduate Annual Juried Summer Exhibition, Harry Wood Gallery, ASU, Tempe, Arizona. Jurors: Greg Esser and Cindy Dash.  Exhibition Class Award

   Ink and Clay 32,  W. Keith and Janet Kellogg Art Gallery, CSU Pomona, Pomona, CA.  Jurors: Peter Held and Marilyn Zeitlin

   FRESH: ASU Ceramics, Step Gallery, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona

            *(two-person) Bringing the War Home, Step Gallery, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ.

             Shifting Contentment, California Conference on Ceramic Art, Davis, California

2005    Show Business: BFA Thesis Exhibition, Covi Gallery, University of Louisville, Hite Art Institute, Louisville, KY    



Corie J. Cole, The Palingenesis, or The Pence 15 Club. NewLights Press, 2018. Chapbook. Text and illustrations by Corie J. Cole.

Cover art for The Complete Works of Apis mellifera, by Bernadette Mayer and Laynie Browne. Further Other Book Works, 2017.

Corie J. Cole, excerpt from “Part-Object, Part Performance, The Work of Jinsoo Song.”  Clay In Art International Yearbook. 2007-2008.

“The MFA Factor: Arizona State University,” Ceramics Monthly, Sept. 2008

Brian Reeves, Worldwide Slop Web Catalog,, Untitled Decorative Object #2.2,
Summer 2008.

Marilyn Zeitlin, review, Amarillo Biennial 600: CLAY.  Catalog. Summer 2007

Rhonda Schaller, D. Jaquish, Live Free or Die.  Catalog. Fall 2006


2007-2008     Graduate and Professional Student Association Terminal Research Grant
                        Eirene Peggy Lamb Scholarship
                        Ted Decker Catalyst Fund Grant for Exhibition Marketing
 2006-2007    Nathan Cummings Foundation Travel Fellowship
                        De Falco Family Foundation Scholarship in honor of Victoria Shrewsbury, alumna, Arizona State University
                        Benjamin Wong Fie Memorial Scholarship
                        University Graduate Fellowship
2005-2006    Graduate Tuition Fellowship, Arizona State University    
                        Phillip Curtis Graduate Fellowship, Arizona State University
2005               Winthrop Allen Award, Hite Art Institute
1998-2004      Trustees’ Academic Scholarship in Biology


Private Collections
           Untitled Decorative Object # 1, Private Collection of Ted Decker, Phoenix AZ

           Untitled Decorative Object #4, Portrait of the Artist as a Commodity #1.1,  Landscape with the Fall of Torrijos. Private Collection of Joe Blank, New York, NY

           Untitled Hanging Cheney Ornament #1, Private Collection of Marianne and Tom Tebbens, Radnor, PA

           Untitled Hanging Cheney Ornament, Private Collection of Judy Pote, Philadelphia, PA    

           Untitled Hanging Cheney Ornament #1, Private Collection of Billy Hertz, Louisville, KY

           Untitled (Wizard of Oz),  Private Collection of Amy Sarner Williams and David Williams,  Philadelphia, PA

           Untitled Hanging Cheney Ornament #1, #2, Private Collection of Gail M. Brown, Philadelphia, PA

           Untitled Hanging Cheney Ornament, Containment, Oil and Water. Private Collection of Sandy Besser, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Now in the Hieronymus Collection

           Shadow Government, Shooting a White Elephant, Private Collection of Midge Golner,  Phoenix, Arizona    


2006    Two Hanging Dick Cheney Ornaments, Gail M.. Brown, Philadelphia, PA

             Six Hanging Dick Cheney Ornaments, Victor Friedman, New York, NY

2005    Portrait of Larry Love, for 60 Christmas Ornaments for Cathedral Singers Choir, Larry Love,  Cathedral of the Assumption, Louisville, KY

             Four Punch and Judy characters, Gabrielle Mayer, Louisville, KY