Corie Cole lives in Colorado Springs where she makes art and gardens by day and manages a library at night. Originally from Louisville, KY, she spent most of her youth drawing, catching bugs for pet toads, and sweeping the floors and taking out the trash of a non-profit small-press publisher of disability rights literature. After toying with the idea of being a science illustrator--spending a few years as a drawing and biology double major in college, she took Intro to Clay on a whim and was hooked. She moved to Arizona to get an MFA in Ceramics from Arizona State University, spent a couple of years in the San Francisco Bay area selling wedding invitations, and escaped to Colorado. Now she channels her propensity for naturalistic observation and her sense of social and environmental responsibility into her daily work-- obsessing over her organic garden, studying history and politics, and helping students with research in the library.  She and her husband, Aaron Cohick, are active contributors to the Colorado Springs arts and non-profit community.